3 Benefits of Virtualizing SAP Apps Instead of Re-architecting

By Zach Roston

itopia has unveiled a shortcut for bringing SAP apps to the cloud.

Re-architecting SAP to run in the cloud is a painstaking, and now thanks to itopia, obsolete process. itopia eliminates the common challenges and headaches of bringing SAP apps to the cloud.

1) Virtualizing is quicker and easier than re-architecting

Instead of spending months re-architecting their SAP apps for the cloud, companies simply leverage itopia to rapidly enable the virtualization of their SAP apps (we’re talking under 24 hours here, folks). This also enables employees to keep using the SAP interface with which they are already familiar, instead of spending countless hours learning how to use a new SAP interface.

2) It increases productivity

Enjoy lightning-fast performance from your existing SAP apps by running them on Google Cloud’s high-speed network. itopia’s virtual workspaces provide employees seamless access to SAP apps.

itopia’s workload automation and orchestration solution empowers retailers and manufacturers to quickly and easily virtualize SAP clients and host them on Google Cloud’s high-speed network -- delivering a seamless and consistent experience to all end-user devices. 

The end results include greater network reliability, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction. Thanks to improved SAP, manufacturing companies’ production and profit margins increase.

3) It reduces costs and labor

Itopia enables users to pay only for what they need. Shift from costly, CapEx-intensive on-prem VDI and harness the lightweight scalability of the cloud.

Using itopia, tier 1 sysadmins can easily deploy custom SAP apps on Windows 10 and Windows Server virtualized environments on Google Cloud’s global, high-speed network. They can manage any number of departments and offices from itopia’s centralized, wizard-based console.

With itopia, it’s also possible to autoscale compute resources up and down for optimal performance and automatically power VMs on and off to match real-time end-user demand. All apps are streamed securely through the browser. 

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