Delivering for the Executives

By Alexander Shapero

Senior executives at many companies want to ensure their company’s information is secure, but they also want to use their own personal device for work and have that device work no matter where in the world they travel.  Of course, all the files used across the company must work in perfect harmony and load super fast. And, any solution that IT brings to the table must save them money. 

IT can save the company money by moving to lower-cost devices or bring-your-own-device (BYOD).  In fact, Chromebooks are far cheaper than Windows or Apple laptops and dumb terminals are even less expensive. And there is no cost if employees use their own computers, tablets, phones, etc.  IT can deliver even greater savings by eliminating the hardware and specialized personnel required to maintain custom data centers. 

IT can increase the security of the company’s data and confidential collateral by moving those files off of individual devices - especially off of personal devices.  When access is remotely managed by trusted IT personnel, IT can ensure that everyone is using the same OS, the same versions of every software program or app, and accessing the same files from a centralized, secure location.  Nothing is perfectly hacker-proof (especially if social hacking is used), but the big cloud providers (i.e. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon) hire the best and brightest information security thought leaders because their reputation depends on it.

IT can deliver a smooth transition to the cloud by ensuring every employee experiences their desktop as if it was the PC that they are used to using at work every day.  In fact, the OS and software may load faster because the virtual machines they are accessing are always on and ready to go. IT can easily scale the power and location of the virtual machines being used by employees in minutes instead of days or weeks.  When a senior leader decides to take an overseas vacation, this may result in the IT leader getting some much-deserved appreciation. 

Chromebooks + Google Cloud + itopia is the best way for IT to deliver for their executives.  Chromebooks are inexpensive, secure, reliable, and portable. Google Cloud is the best cloud experience because fast storage, redundant fail-safe servers, and global server locations make interactions with the virtual machine feel like the software is directly on the users’ devices.  (And, it should be noted that Google’s per-minute billing is the least expensive cloud solution available.) itopia enables IT to provision virtual machines and users in minutes (instead of hours or days) by automating complex, repetitive tasks. No expensive certifications are required to use the simple interface to set up individual virtual machines or to set up multiple users on a single virtual machine. Together, this combination makes the IT leaders heroes.

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